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(pôl´· ä ap´· ä · neez)

A delightful romp

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Wynne Frost and the Soul of Remorse is a delightful romp by new author Paula Apynys. This is an odd kind of read as it is a combo platter of politics, the supernatural, spirit world, reincarnation and a coming of realization that when you say it you kind of go, hmmmm? But when you read it, it all fits so beautifully together and keeps you turning the pages. It is fun, it is witty, the characters are spot on and you can’t help but find yourself knee deep in the lives of each and every individual.

I adore how she effortlessly brings the main characters, Reve Tierney, a right wing columnist and propagandist, Barbara Tishkin, sister of Reve’s newly departed best friend who hates his right wing politics as a liberal, Psychic Wynne Frost and two of her clients, Olivia Chipley and Peter Gilen, all from divergent backgrounds and political bents together in conflict and empathy. They come together because of a haunting and the intervention of spirit guides and one who wishes to try and make good where he has poisoned the waters in life. You need to pay attention as it rides the reality between now and the spirit world and past events but so much fun!

It is a privilege to watch as the characters interact and grow coming to understand other philosophies as well as finally understanding their own. If you are seeking a wonderful read yet this summer or, really, anytime, I highly recommend Wynne Frost and The Soul of Remorse.

Charlie Wiener

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