Paula Apynys

(pôl´· ä ap´· ä · neez)

Wynne Frost Books

WF-SOR-coverWynne Frost and the Soul of Remorse: A Progressive Political Fantasy

After dying unexpectedly in the middle of a radio broadcast, Dash Fordhyme, Emperor of Hate Radio, comes to a painful realization: he’d blown his life and has some explaining to do to the souls upstairs. Instead of immediately returning to the spirit world he decides to haunt his best friend, right-wing pundit Reve Tierney. Seeking help, conservative (and spooked) Reve connects with Dash’s liberal (and estranged) sister Barbara. Meanwhile, Wynne Frost, a psychic career counselor who works with Democrats in Washington D.C., is helping (among others) a disillusioned republican congressional aide, and a young black woman who is trying to decide on a career direction. As all their lives begin to converge in a collision of politics, partisanship, love and metaphysics, they are observed with fascination by Xe, a soul who has lived many mental lives and is preparing for his first physical incarnation on Earth.

This is the first book in a series; the second is nearing completion of the first draft and updates will be forthcoming!