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(pôl´· ä ap´· ä · neez)

On “going there”

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One of the rules many of us live by is "never discuss politics or religion" and my book breaks both of those rules! I thought about it for a long time before proceeding but, in the end, it was what I wanted to write about so I did.

As I see it, in recent years religion has been brought into politics in a way I can only describe as destructive — to both religion AND politics; destructive, indeed, to the country as a whole. I am a big proponent of the "separation of church and state" and have been watching, in horror, as that principle has been steadily eroded.

I fall into that amorphous group who call themselves "spiritual but not religious" but I have nothing against religion. I have plenty against abusive religion and the abuse of religion but most people don't practice the first or engage in the second. And I think all the great religions, at their cores, espouse ideas I agree with. But I am one-hundred percent against state-sponsored favoritism of any faith.

Wynne Frost and the Soul of Remorse touches on several topics and issues we, as citizens in America today, confront. We have to find ways to agree to disagree on many of these personal matters so that we can unite to tackle the challenges beyond them.

So this is my little contribution to the ongoing discussion of (to quote Douglas Adams) Life, The Universe, and Everything. My hope is not that people will all agree with me, but rather that people might muse on things and talk about them, even argue about them — with passion, maybe, but also with tolerance and interest in opposing viewpoints. I, personally, love a good argument. I don't like abusive exchanges but sincere and vigorous exchanges can be lots of fun.

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