Paula Apynys

(pôl´· ä ap´· ä · neez)

Republican Rules of Engagement

Posted in Politics & Media

When following political news, it helps to understand the rules of engagement that are, at present, accepted as normal by Republicans, Democrats, most media, and the public:

Republicans are always granted the presumption of innocence, until proven otherwise.

Democrats labor under the presumption of guilt until proven otherwise.

In most cases, no amount of evidence is enough to prove a Republican guilty and no amount of evidence is enough to prove a Democrat innocent.

Republicans are allowed to accuse Democrats of anything, no matter how unjustified, far-fetched, obviously malicious or factually absurd.

Democrats are expected to defend themselves against accusations, requiring time, effort and money.

Republicans are responsible for nothing — not their actions, nor the actions of others. (Although they will take credit for successes they didn’t earn.)

Democrats are responsible for everything, including the malicious acts others perform against them.

So long as Democrats accept these terms — and allow “the media” to accept these terms without pushback — Republicans win.

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